10 - D3 Secretary Program
21 - S1 Manajemen
22 - S1 Ilmu Ekonomi
23 - S1 Akuntansi
93 - S2 Akuntansi
92 - S3 Ilmu Manajemen
Kumpulan Materi Kuliah Umum & Seminar

  • Course General Objective

    By the end of the semester, students will acquire the minimum culturally-appropriate communication skills necessary for getting a job and engaging in common tasks and activities in business world.

    Course Specific Objectives

    1. Students are able to present themselves in written and oral communication in job acquisition process.
    2. Students are able to communicate in business meetings and negotiation processes.
    3. Students are able to prepare and conduct business presentations.
    4. Students are able to communicate in culturally appropriate manner.